V International Conference “Freight Traffic on Dnipro River” will be held on October 1, 2020 at Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv, Ukraine.

Organizers of the even are www.promgruz.com Information Service and ISM Information Service.

The conference is a gathering of representatives of the port industry, traders, manufacturers, exporters, investment companies, shipowners, freight brokers, freight forwarders, agents, surveyors.



Preliminary program: 

Session 1. Cargo flows:
– Cargo base: assessment, upside potential.
– Grain as the key driver for the development of river logistics.
– Production cut in sectors of finished and semi-finished steel products, impact on shipping volume of cargoes generated by miners and smelters.
– The outlook for traffic of construction material.
– The prospect of brisker traffic of mineral fertilizers. Infrastructure problems.
– Advantages of sunflower oil transportation by the river. Development of oil handling technologies in river ports.
– Expectations on river traffic of transit and imported petroleum products.
– Factors of resumed container traffic on the river.
Special topic. Transit: how long will it take to see ships with Belarusian cargoes navigating on the Dnipro River? What cargoes are going to be offered to carriers?

Session 2. Fleet and Shipbuilding:
– The current situation on the small-tonnage market of the Azov-Black Sea basin.
– Admission of ships flying a foreign flag to Ukraine’s inland waterways: means to avoid discrimination.
– Agricultural products as a key factor of river logistics development.
– Demand and construction forecast for river fleet.
– Capacity of Ukrainian shipyards. Domestic shipbuilders’ capability of meeting the growing demand.
– State support as a foundation for shipbuilding industry in Ukraine. World experience.
– New fleet construction financing sources.
Special topic. IMO2020: possible impact of the restrictions on the bunker fuel market of the Azov-Black Sea basin in general and of Ukraine in particular.

Session 3. Infrastructure:
– Infrastructure of today, its ability to meet the rapidly increasing freight traffic on the Dnipro.
– Existing capacities and construction plans of new transshipment facilities.
– Technical condition of hydraulic locks of the Dnipro River. Reconstruction plans for 2020-2022.
– Safe navigation: dredging the Dnipro River and the Prypiat River.
– Innovative technologies aimed at providing support and improving safety of river navigation.
– Increased cargo flows on the Dnipro River as a driver for the development of estuarine ports and raid transhipment. Readiness of the infrastructure.
– Effective administration and financing sources of inland waterways. Application of international experience to Ukrainian realities.
– What may trigger flows of private investment in river transport?
– Recovery of business capital invested in strategic infrastructure.
– Necessity of creating an objective unified database of goods flows.
Special topic. Law of Ukraine “On inland water transport”: is it possible to find consensus with all participants of the river freight market?