4th International Conference

“Railways of Ukraine: Development & Investment”

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The 4th International Conference “Railways of Ukraine: Development & Investment” is taking place in Kyiv, Ukraine on February 27, 2020. The event provides participants with an opportunity of discussing the issues related to the current state of the railway market, and also of discovering the prospects of liberalization of railway market, developments in a competitive environment, and the inflow of new players namely private rolling stock operators.

This year the conference is devoted to competition on Ukrainian railways. Competition is an essential driver for higher efficiency and further development of railway transport. The key market insiders are going to discuss the principles and opportunities enabling the creation of a healthy competitive environment on the Ukrainian railway market. They will also be talking about factors that could enhance competitiveness of a national railway carrier. It is obvious that achieving of the above two targets will contribute to the economic development of the country in whole.


Taking steps from monopoly to competition on the railways

Rightful premises for opening up the railway market, state policy for development of railway vehicles

The transition to competition on the railways: readiness markers and risks of premature opening of the railway market

Effect of DB Engineering & Consulting’s cooperation with NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and Georgian Railway: transformation of national railway companies on 1520 mm gauge.

Restructuring of Ukrzaliznytsia and a new business model of interaction among market participants 

Pilot project for private rolling stock in order to test if the market is ready to be open, to study risks that may occur while organizing the traffic safety

Independent regulator: How to preserve regulator from influence of private interests and political pressure? 

The tariff plan “Updating” — the need for amendments in the tariff directory

Railway infrastructure – development strategies in competitive environment

Ukrzaliznytsia as the operator of the infrastructure: rationalization and increasing the throughput of the Ukrainian railway network 

Competition with infrastructure and financing of infrastructure projects – the role of the state in the development of railway infrastructure

Private railway infrastructure and a concession approach to solving network bottlenecks. Conditions for the development of private initiatives

Development of port infrastructure: increased throughout and synchronized transportation process between a port and railway

Challenges for dispatching when private rolling stock is allowed 

Mainline locomotives market

Preparation of Ukrzaliznytsia`s locomotive park for restructuring

Private locomotives: what locomotives will be allowed on the public railway network? 

Modernization of mainline locomotives 

Operating a wagon park

From the ban on import of used wagons to the prohibition of extending the service life 

Distribution of wagons from the country`s largest owner though ProZorro

Lords of wagons: market redistribution on the threshold of globalization

Turnover and amount of wagons. Reasons for volatility of rent rates 

Efficient cargo transportation

Strategic initiatives of “Cargo transportation” as the Ukrzaliznytsia`s business vertical

PSR technology in Ukrainian realities

Total routing – applicability of the technology on other markets.

Performance of freight traffic depending on the Route Train Schedule 

“Full Train Load” — niche specialization for the elite

Transit or domestic cargo transportation – which to choose?

Dealing with monopoly in the transport industry – ensuring the rights and interests of business entities

The audience of the conference chiefly consists of the operators of railway rolling stock, freight forwarders, and cargo owners.

The focus of the event is on urgent challenges and necessary actions to be taken for future positive changes in the industry. We will be speaking about state monopoly reforms, market conditions, private operators of rolling stock, client-oriented transformations in a link carrier-operator-cargo owner, efficient ways of rolling stock renewal and upgrade, wagon track management, problems in railway logistics, infrastructure development, as well as on many other topical issues including goods certification, rolling stock damage and robbery, etc.

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